Fabric baskets

image image image imageGoal:To replace the tired old bread basket with a home made version.

result: love this with contrasting fabric which makes it reversible. so far one bread basket suitable for 2 people (10 inch squares) and one (18 inches) now my cottons basket.

method- take two squares of fabric, back with heavyweight interfacing and iron neatly.

draw darts midway each side – for the large one mine were three inches deep and three inches wide.


Sew each dart so it pulls the fabric into bowl shape then, with right sides facing, stitch the pieces together leaving a gap for turning. Turn right sides out, iron to tidy the edge and top stitch to neaten and close the turning gap.

For or the large one I also rounded the corners before I drew the darts using a plate as a template  and at the end stitched a button on each flap. Other variations to follow, love this practical make.


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