Portable sewing kit

imageimageimageA scrap attack with a ‘quilt as you go’ exterior,  free motioned on to wadding.  The interior was just two pieces of folded fabric used to make the two pockets and a square of felt for the pin holder .

It was all sandwiched together right sides facing (with ribbon tie carefully pinned away from the sides) and once turned, top stitched to tidy.


Pyrography, done?


Another craft ticked off the list.

a piece of driftwood, my hot fix tool and I have established that if we ever need a new house sign, this is do-able.

ideally I would have a thin tip to draw with but my method works:

sketch the the word or design with an erasable pen, I used a friction one. Make dots by tapping the hot tip along the traced lines and repeat so that the dots join up. I sealed the finished piece with mod pudge

sea glass glitz

imageThis year’s sea glass stash was only reduced a little by these gifts. A simple ring and cuff links made from the flattest pieces I had to hand which were then glitzed up with hot fix rhinestones – the smallest I had to hand – and stuck with jewellry cement. Note to self: research better ‘glue’ to stick glass to metal.image