Little wins

Couldn’t find a holder for tooth picks, which arrived in a big bag, so I made one with card that was out on my desk.

A simple box of four equal scored sides plus a small scored flap for adhesive and bottom flaps also stuck with adhesive tape. Decorated with die cut ric rac strips and some stickles, this was a 5 minute project done and in use.

cracker crazy

Traditionally for Christmas but great table decorations at any time of year, home made crackers will contain goodies right for your gathering and you won’t feel guilty about the plastic ‘gifts’ that go straight in the bin. Why not make Easter lunch special?

Easy to make I trimmed quality paper to 12” x 8.5” but standard A4 would work as well with a little tweaking.

For the round version, I scored at 2”,2.5” and 3” in from each side and also 0.5” at the bottom. For the rectangular barrel version I added three more width-way scores at 2.5”,4.5” and 6.5”

Fold the 2, 2.5 and 3” scores into a ‘w’ ie mountain, valley, mountain then clip out v shapes as shown.

Cut out the bit of the 0.5” score as shown, then tape the rest of it. Stick in a tube or fold and stick as a rectangle for the square version.

Then poke in a purchased snap if you want a ‘bang’. I tape the ends to the inside of the cracker as well. Finally slide in your goodies then tie string, ribbon or raffia around the concertina cut edges.

Ideas for contents: beauty samples, packets of seeds, miniature bottles, sweeties, memory sticks, rolled up money, printed messages, jokes, photos and of course a daft paper crown. I made mine on the scan and cut using the offcuts from the paper.

Mini envelopes

I made a stack of these for advent ‘calendar’ bunting. I used squares of 15 cm lightweight paper (and half A4 sheets of magazine papers), scissors and glue. That’s it.

With pretty side face down fold 1 cm in from the right, then 1 cm in from the bottom then bring the left side over to the (folded) right edge and crease, then finally fold down 3 cm from the top.

Unfold and cut along the crease lines. Chamfer (angle off) the edges as shown.

Glue the pretty sides of the two 1cm remaining tabs. this leaves the top flap open until filled when it can be stuck down or tucked in

These pockets are great for little gifts or gift cards and can hung on a tree or sewn into bunting. Halloween versions are fast and an advent series could be hand numbered and pegged on a string.

Christmas time!

Have empathy with our Australian friends and try to imagine a hot, summer Christmas by upcycling old Christmas cards on a hot day in June!

No, not getting the Christmas sparkle at all but I have tackled an overdue ‘to-do’ with 30+ cards remade. Simple cropping, matting and embellishing makes this a satisfying to reduce the stockpile of card and sparkly things. I even used up some googly eyes and red glitter glue!

Mini door wreaths

These 5” wreaths were made with scan n cut template cut from card and covered with Christmas holly, frond and leaf die cuts then finished with stickles.

Two wreaths sandwiched a piece of wool for hanging to make a little indoor welcome.

Hand stitched cards

A labour of love but deeply satisfying. Inspired by the excelllent Craft World blog I sketched, punched and stitched on to some strong paper.

This is a great ‘use what you have’ project especially if you have time!

Lockdown drawing distraction

Thank you Barbara Gray, ClarityStamp

A new routine in lockdown life is trying my hand at doodling and drawing. I am following the weekday uploads by claritystamp on you tube (rather than the 10am lives, I catch up in the afternoon.

This doodling, drawing stuff is outside my confirm zone but hugely enjoyable. Pick up your pens and have a go.