No logo fleece


Covering a logo on a dog walking fleece looked a bit odd with just one patch. So I have begun layering on patches in random places to balance up the cover up. Simple blanket stitch and or zig zag to fix on each patch and, yes, the walking foot is essential for this.

an ongoing project I plant to add decorative stitch lines and more patches until it looks ‘right’.

Book cover

image image

take a quality corporate notebook and personalise it with a piece of beginner’s applique that I didn’t want to throw away…

cut applique and lining fabric one inch bigger on each side of the fully opened book. Cut two panels of pocket fabric the same height as the other pieces and double the width of the pocket you want. Fold each pocket piece and sandwich between lining face up and cover face down with raw edges to side so they will get caught in the seam.

hem all the way round leaving a gap for turning, a walking foot is useful here. Turn out and flip pockets to inside. Iron well. Fit book inside to see how much wriggle room you have. Tighten up the wriggle room with a decorative top stitch around the edge. I just did top and bottom, this also closes the turning gap..

so much fun I did another one with crazy quilting but this time made it wider than the book and just 1 inch taller, hemmed the edges all sides then folded back the two sides to make the pockets before blanket stitching them in place and turning right sides out. Ironed an applique on to use it up



Ribbon trimmed towel

imageBack from holiday and itching to craft, but first I had to tidy the ribbon drawer. Thought these contrasting lengths would decorate a plain bath sheet – and reduce the stash a little.

I used a walking foot and a zig zag at 2.5 width along each edge of each ribbon and the job is done.

super quick mayonnaise

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.42.16I had to stand in and do a slot at our food event so I was given this ‘bombproof’ recipe to make good mayonnaise using an electric stick blender. It works (even on a hot day, in front of an audience) and is tasty too. Apparently it originated with Masterchef Australia’s Gary Mehigan

2 eggs
1 tbsp of mustard – I used dijon but recipes suggest wholegrain
2 tbsp of white vinegar – again some people say white balsamic
pinch of salt
500 ml sunflower oil (approximately)

Add mustard to eggs in bowl – no need to separate – add salt and vinegar plus a dash of oil then blend for about 10 seconds. (The beauty of this is that you don’t spend time trickling oil in gradually, it won’t split if you are generous with even the first dash of oil). Add further slugs of oil until the mayonnaise is the consistency you want. If it gets too thick you can thin it with lemon juice, vinegar or even water.

Option: add in chopped herbs or spices even sweet chili sauce etc.


Sewing failure…

imageWho said “mistakes are the portals to new discoveries”?*

well a few doors should be opening for me right now…

usually when I follow a ‘sew very easy’ tutorial on you tube it goes well but this project was a big fat failure.

The interfacing wouldn’t manipulate, it was tough to seam and top stitch so the end project won’t be the intended ‘designer clutch bag’ but just another lingerie holder living in a drawer.

I do like the darts to form the curved shape though and will one day try again

On to the next crafting project then

  • I looked the quote up, james joyce apparently

Forever card making


Feeling a bit guilty about the big box of paper and craft bits I ordered with my birthday money, I decided to make up some card sets to bundle for charity sales have stared with Docrafts forever friends and will work to a target of selling 80 cards or raising £80 whichever is first achieved.  Better get going!