cracker crazy

Traditionally for Christmas but great table decorations at any time of year, home made crackers will contain goodies right for your gathering and you won’t feel guilty about the plastic ‘gifts’ that go straight in the bin. Why not make Easter lunch special?

Easy to make I trimmed quality paper to 12” x 8.5” but standard A4 would work as well with a little tweaking.

For the round version, I scored at 2”,2.5” and 3” in from each side and also 0.5” at the bottom. For the rectangular barrel version I added three more width-way scores at 2.5”,4.5” and 6.5”

Fold the 2, 2.5 and 3” scores into a ‘w’ ie mountain, valley, mountain then clip out v shapes as shown.

Cut out the bit of the 0.5” score as shown, then tape the rest of it. Stick in a tube or fold and stick as a rectangle for the square version.

Then poke in a purchased snap if you want a ‘bang’. I tape the ends to the inside of the cracker as well. Finally slide in your goodies then tie string, ribbon or raffia around the concertina cut edges.

Ideas for contents: beauty samples, packets of seeds, miniature bottles, sweeties, memory sticks, rolled up money, printed messages, jokes, photos and of course a daft paper crown. I made mine on the scan and cut using the offcuts from the paper.

Valentine bakes

So who are these cookies for?

Doggy cookies made for a little Valentine treat to brighten up a lockdown Sunday.

Recipe found as a Christmas offering but easily translates with the right cutter.

Mix: 100g plain flour, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons olive oil. form a dough then roll out and stamp shapes – about 12. Bake on silicone sheet in 180C oven for about 20 minutes.

Box made pizza box style with decorations from standard shapes on the scan and cut.

Rainbow cards

I used my scan n cut to make a few cards that weren’t too quick but neither too fussy.

Pleased with the drop shadow on the ‘happy’, pleased I used scraps and bulk cut the letters, and love the embossing . Maybe I went overboard with the mica misting but everything is sparkly.

Mini door wreaths

These 5” wreaths were made with scan n cut template cut from card and covered with Christmas holly, frond and leaf die cuts then finished with stickles.

Two wreaths sandwiched a piece of wool for hanging to make a little indoor welcome.

Sunday Scan n cut project

I have been wire wrapping sea glass found on a nearby beach and wanted to present them nicely, so turned to the scan n cut.

I drew an outline of where we live and scanned it in to the machine’s memory. I then resized it to hold some of my decorations and cut out just enough from sturdy white card. Before writing my message, I inked up the coastline in blue and faintly inked the land in green.

I can, in the future do tiny versions or go up to 12” wide versions for any home made crafts. It has taken me three years of playing with this machine to do what I should have thought of on day one!

Dressing up for video calls – Badge and brooch bonanza

I wear a different brooch each day – I have a collection – but wanted some extras right for the times, so made some quick pin ons for all those upcoming virtual get-togethers.

These involve clippings from salvaged thesauruses (thesauri?), quotations and discarded dictionaries that have been glued (mod podge) onto card and then stuck (glue dots) on to pins.

Sellotape and safety pins will also work as these badges will have a short, indoor life. I might also embellish with buttons or sequins at some point. Depends how much time I can find in my busy schedule!

Tag it Tuesday

From the Crafter’s Companion ‘Cute as a Button’ kit

I cut tag shapes (with the scan n cut) from scraps of card and tried to use up embellishments as part of a ‘Use What You Have’ drive. This was so successful that I have batched and bagged sets to give away.

Die cut flowers, butterflies, ribbon and twine all used, hurrah. Not quite used up yet though.

Into each batch went some not so girly tags as well, not that many though.
How is that for forward planning? I even have some Christmas tags ready.