Easiest dinner menu …

Must remember how very easy this was to prepare so am posting …

Starter: Asparagus Spears wrapped in streaky bacon and oven baked, serve yourself butter and parmesan on the table

Main: Chicken and chorizo bake (thighs, chorizo slices, halved new potatoes, oregano, lemon and onion), green beans or salad on the table

Dessert: Affogato (expresso coffee shot over vanilla ice cream), ratafia biscuits optional

(pictures cobbled together as were the actual recipes I followed)

‘No pill – ache ease’ rice pad

4B6C132C-48C1-43C6-BD82-315CFB9F5A0BA quick and easy sew that is very practical…

1. cut two rectangles of a cotton or fleece, any size that suits you. Hand or forehead size about 4” by 6”, neck size a bit wider, up to 12” by 8” for a big tummy comforter.

2. With right sides facing,  sew along the edges of both long sides and one short side. A small seam allowance is fine as long as you don’t leave any gaps. Start and finish 1” inch from the end to give yourself wriggle room at step 7

3. Turn right sides out and press. Fold in a half inch hem on the remaining raw edge and press.

4. Sew a straight line along the middle of the rectangle from one closed short side to the open short side, again stop 1” from the open end

5. Sew two more lines, each equally spaced between the centre line and edges so you end up with three parallel lines that form four tubes in the fabric.

6. Fill the tubes with rice that is scented with your choice of essential oils. I chose peppermint and lavender but whatever you have that will soothe and relax you. Fill to create a firm pad but don’t fill over the end of your lines. You might want to pin or clip the open end closed to avoid rice spilling out.

7. Sew closed the remaining edge closed.

I keep my rice pads in sealed bags until needed and then pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds bursts until warm then hug until aches are soothed.

Heat transfer vinyl, easy peasy

8D83804E-25EF-444D-9282-F7F3F1EE39AFRescue an old t shirt, make a fancy dress effort with minimal expenditure, make gifts a bit special or just personalise your stuff. I love htv ( makes me sound professional using the acronym doesn’t it?).

I bought a sampler pack on amazon which has more than enough useful colours (black and white most used) and lots of brights I might use up one day…

The cutting machine is vital though, so -for this project for a themed party – I found some squiggles on lovesvg.com and used a scan n cut font to make my statement.

Because htv comes with its own carrier sheet  for when you are ironing,  make sure to reverse any text image before you cut. I also do a test cut to make sure I am cutting on the right side as it can be hard to spot with the naked eye. And pressure is usually -2 on my machine.

Once cut, weed off the vinyl you don’t want, place vinyl side down on your garment and iron on. I use a towel inside the shirt and a pressing cloth ie a bit of cotton between hot, dry iron and carrier sheet. Let the vinyl cool before you try and peel off the carrier sheet, if there is resistance iron some more. That is all.