Jane crafts is a record of what I make as an enthusiastic home crafter.

Motivation? Many years ago I caught a documentary about an elderly couple who had spent their married lives dedicated to making EVERYTHING in their homes; from beds to writing paper, fabrics to crockery. I wondered how much of that I could try.

Whilst I am not going to throw out any of our ‘stuff’, and don’t have the skill or time to try everything,  I would like to have a go at making practical everyday items myself.

Ambition? I’ve discovered crafting  lately and can’t believe the joy it brings. Making a card, a little gift or something for the home is so rewarding that everyone should be encouraged to keep experimenting until they find a craft that is fulfilling for them.

This blog is mainly for me to record what I feel I have achieved but if you discover it and would like to suggest something I can have a go at – please bear in mind my levels of (in)competence – or give me some feedback. Feel free to email me at jane@sauticot.com

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