Should I switch to reusable make up remover pads?

The trial starts today…

I have followed a tutorial on making reusable remover pads (an envelope of cotton around some wadding or – in my case- towelling) by the crafts channel on YouTube and made myself a starter kit of pads. So easy. But will they wean me off cheap cotton pads?

These are really simple in that you trace a template for the finished pad on to the reverse of a scrap of cotton. I made my own template roughly copying the one suggested.

You then cut a rectangle outside the traced line, leaving a generous allowance. Cut two more rectangles, each just bigger than half of the full one and overlap them as if making an envelope back cushion. Pin the two halves together to the full rectangle right sides facing.

Sew around the shape you marked,  trim away the spare allowance then flip the envelope shape right side out.

Cut some wadding or towelling just smaller than the finished shape and slip it inside the envelope. Top stitch across the envelope opening and around the edge to finish.

The theory is that each pad is equal to four cotton wool ones because of their size and shape.

How many do you need to keep going between laundering? How do they last through washes? Is it worth the effort?

I will let you know…