Decoupage canister


A canister too nice to throw away but bearing branded copy needed playtime.

Ordinary craft paper (Docrafts floral collection) was stuck with mod podge gloss decoupage stuff and then sealed with it too. To cover some untidy cutting on the lid, I stuck on the ott fringe.

Now just need to decide what to store in it.

Wedding card


I have seen YouTube demos where metallic thread is twizzled to make an embellishment so a wedding card seems a good place to try it.

lots of tape required to sandwich loops of thread between card and topper.

while embellishing it seemed sensible to add vellum flourishes, pearl drops and silver pen strokes too.


Hessian mats

image image

Hessian cut to fit a bedside table. A few strands plucked from each side to create a fringe. Then my sewing machine stitch selection is put through its paces to create a frame for the mat. No backing, no embellishments but a quick and useful mat in minutes.

Sea glass for Christmas


Wet Sunday means finish a craft project before you start a new one…

six large green pieces of glass found on the beach  just by the house were painted with a coat of Dulux ‘made by me’ paint then roughly wire wrapped and strung on gold thread.

I even covered a nice tin with some Victorian Christmas paper to put them in. And there is one spare for us too.

Upcycled coasters

The drinks coasters were looking a bit sad, after years of (over) use they needed replacing or refreshing…

I was feeling guilty after a craft supplies binge so this is a no spend craft session

Supplies: modpodge decoupage glue and a strip of wallpaper from the wrapping box (I buy the remnant rolls from time to time) plus some gold pigment ink from my stamping box

method: cut wallpaper to just a bit bigger than needed. Matt modpodge on paper and coaster then rub carefully on, when nearly dry turn coaster over and trim excess paper with a scalpel, care round the corners. Rub the ink pad around the edge of the coaster top to blend it in with the gilt sides. Let ink dry then seal with gloss modpodge.