Dressing up for video calls – Badge and brooch bonanza

I wear a different brooch each day – I have a collection – but wanted some extras right for the times, so made some quick pin ons for all those upcoming virtual get-togethers.

These involve clippings from salvaged thesauruses (thesauri?), quotations and discarded dictionaries that have been glued (mod podge) onto card and then stuck (glue dots) on to pins.

Sellotape and safety pins will also work as these badges will have a short, indoor life. I might also embellish with buttons or sequins at some point. Depends how much time I can find in my busy schedule!

Brooch holder

I love vintage brooches and try to wear them on jackets often

i have turned their storage into a display with this project

a piece of corduroy and contrast linen which was three inches longer and wider were sandwiched (right sides OUT) around some batting so that the corduroy was centered on the bigger fabric giving an equal border.

the border was pressed in half and then folded over the edge of the cord and pressed agin then pinned in place, creating the look of bias binding

I top stitched around the frame that was created (twice, once at the crease and once on the outer edge to sharpen it up).

the corners were folded as hospital corners on a bed with the long edges on top, to create a mitre effect but these were left unsewn so I could poke a curtain rod through the channel created when I sewed the frame

I threaded cord through the convenient hole in each end of the slim metal curtain rod (an adjustable one designed for net curtains) -and knotted it to secure it

snowflake charm earrings in an envelobox

img_0563A project to present simple earrings made from snowflake charms in a cute little envelobox.img_0562


materials- bag of snowflake charms (Amazon 50 mixed charms), jump rings, earring wires, square of patterned paper, glue , tissue paper and raffia

equipment – jewellry pliers, crafters companion ultimate pro or score board

method – make the earrings by opening the jump rings (twist don’t pull) and thread on the charm and ear wire before closing the ring again

To make the envelobox take a square of patterned paper and score it across each corner in parallel lines as shown, cut out the intersection. To save the calculations follow the Crafters’ Companion template. Optional round corner and stick the envelope closed.

img_0560 img_0561

I wrapped the earrings in tissue to given the envelobox some bulk and then tied it with raffia.

Video here;