Biscornu cushion


A quirky little cushion to use some of my upholstery samples pile. Easy to sew but best with less silken fabrics so the corners are more pointed and the hand stitched gap less visible. I used two patterns of the same colour way for a subtle contrast between top and bottom. Works well with clashing colours too – if your sewing is neat. A frill or piping would be even snazzier.


method: ontwo identical sized squares mark centre points of each side with erasable pen. With wrong sides together clip a corner to a mid point and seam towards the next corner. Stop at the same distance as your seam allowance is wide. Adjust the fabric and clip the next mid point to the next corner and seam. Continue around seven and a half of these edges then turn through the gap you have left.

stuff then hand stitch closed the gap. I think sewing a button centrally top and  bottom improves the finished look.

Patchwork drawstring bag


A frugal project to make an elegant bag for wet stuff, toiletries or …


three sheets from a pattern book donated, lining from a shower curtain, ribbon from my stash

cut fabric into equal shares and patch together to size required for front and back. Sew around leaving gap for drawstring channel about 3 inches from top on either side seam . Cut lining three inches shorter than outer then seam round leaving gap in bottom for turning. Slip outer inside lining, right sides facing, and match seams with clips. Sew around all the top. Turn through gap in lining then top stitch gap closed. Push lining down so that the top of the (taller) outer folds over and top stitch above and below the channel gaps to create a ‘tube’ through to thread ribbon from either side. When ribbon has gone all the way round, knot the ends and you are done

Stud earring display frame

imageA companion for the framed burlap holder I use for hoop earrings. This works for studs or earrings with butterfly backs. If only rarely to be used (how many earrings do I own?!)  could be wall hung but for ease of access to the back this sits on an easel. I used strips of docrafts craft paper sealed with modpodge to pretty up my old frame.


method: remove glass and backing from frame. If necessary decorate the front of the frame with papers or ribbons or paint or … Cut a piece of aida cross stitch canvas a bit bigger than the aperture of your frame .  Stick to the back of the frame pulling the fabric taut as you go.  If gifting cover the back of the frame to cover your work. Job done,

Double oven mitts, again from jeans

image imagea freestyle project using ‘jolly molly’ double oven mitts as a template.

layer outer canvas, insulbright, batting, outer canvas and jeans back pockets over the template made from old mitts. Baste around the edge then fix bias binding to seal the edges.

Don’t look too closely at the binding, next time I will hand stitch the second side as I found it tough to stitch in the ditch.