Biscornu cushion


A quirky little cushion to use some of my upholstery samples pile. Easy to sew but best with less silken fabrics so the corners are more pointed and the hand stitched gap less visible. I used two patterns of the same colour way for a subtle contrast between top and bottom. Works well with clashing colours too – if your sewing is neat. A frill or piping would be even snazzier.


method: ontwo identical sized squares mark centre points of each side with erasable pen. With wrong sides together clip a corner to a mid point and seam towards the next corner. Stop at the same distance as your seam allowance is wide. Adjust the fabric and clip the next mid point to the next corner and seam. Continue around seven and a half of these edges then turn through the gap you have left.

stuff then hand stitch closed the gap. I think sewing a button centrally top and  bottom improves the finished look.

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