Themed treat box

02F12E8E-24A5-4732-A97D-C646E5BA27B7A treat box or table gift ready to hand out which uses up some mini mint sachets…

It is basically a sandwich of matching shapes for front and back with a strip of scored card around the diameter to hold the contents inside.


For this one  I cut a 3 inch pumpkin on the scan and cut, put acetate behind the apertures and fixed front to back with an improvised strip of card cut and scored as shown. To decorate I coloured, with a marker, the eye hole negatives put them back in place and then stuck on googly eyes and the little tendril to finish it off.

Now to make cars with windows, boats and other animals from the scan and cut. Easy project, good fun.


Washi Wednesday … part 3



We had a diy beauty products day and filled lots of pots and jars with creations, then decided to prettify the containers – with washi tape, of course.

My favourite is the hobbycraft bunting tape, the white background is translucent and ‘disappeared’ on the plastic pots.

We sealed the surfaces with mod podge to try and keep the washi in place until the next refill.

Magnetic wristband

6439824B-416C-4B62-B868-C3C6504B21BFGreat for sewing or diy. No more dangerous pins between the teeth or dropped screws with this quick stitch wristband.


fabric about 11 by 2.5 inches for a woman’s wrist – light denim ok, cotton better

velcro, 7 mini magnets, 6x 0.5 inch strip of magnetic sheet from craft shop, glue, needle and thread


Fix Velcro towards opposite corners of the fabric i.e. top right and bottom left so that when the fabric is folded the strip will fasten comfortably around the wrist, stitch Velcro in place

Fold the fabric in half, with right sides facing, to form a thin strip and stitch round the three open sides, leaving a turning gap about half way along the long side. Turn fabric right side out.

Stick mini magnets along the magnetic sheet, spacing them evenly. I used multi medium glue. When dry, slide the strip in to the fabric through the turning gap – make sure the magnets are facing up to what will be the top of your wrist band

Top stitch all around the edge and you are done.12A02BF1-0859-481A-9AF6-8A0D0859AA31

Washi Wednesday part 2…


A cheapo frame covered in washi tape is upgraded enough to display an old photo which came to light in a rummage through the albums.

Patterned washi is forgiving enough to allow for overlaps, so all the visible frame is covered and little creases can be smoothed out too. Long term I will coat this with mod podge to stop any lifting.

This green bird patterned washi came in a set from paperchase, lovely stuff. The mount is made from paper brought back from South Africa as a gift, I am told it was made principally of elephant dung!