Sea glass on the doorstep


What to do with the piles of sea glass I pick up on my walks? Wine glass charms of course!

for each charm I used;

  • small piece of sea glass
  • jewellry wire thin gauge, so it was easy to wrap
  • ring sized memory wire

first I wrapped the sea glass – much as one would wrap a brown paper parcel with string –  using 2 lengths of wire wound round then twisted at the ‘top’ into a loop – to tighten the wrapped wire so that the glass didn’t fall out I tweaked it with the pliers to make little kinks which also looked great

then I cut a bit more than a whole circle  from the memory wire and used my round nose pliers to make a loop at one end before threading on the wrapped glass through its new loop and finished off with another loop so that the wire didn’t have a rough end

as I got better at making the loops I worked out how to leave them open enough to make a sort of clasp option

Birthday upgrade

I got a super duper Dremel with workstation and diamond drill bits so can now make sea glass charms and connect them with jump rings. A few practices in and it is already looking promising for this year’s Christmas offerings!

tree ornaments


Some of the larger pieces found on my dog walks were wire wrapped and then rhinestones hot fixed all over. I threaded metallic ribbon through a wire loop (made as the glass charms) and presented them as tree decorations.


2 thoughts on “Sea glass on the doorstep

  1. Right now I am using some of my bigger pieces to make Christmas tree ornaments, wire wrap and sequins and glittery stuff. After all there are only so many containers one can fill with sea glass!


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