Sunday Scan n cut project

I have been wire wrapping sea glass found on a nearby beach and wanted to present them nicely, so turned to the scan n cut.

I drew an outline of where we live and scanned it in to the machine’s memory. I then resized it to hold some of my decorations and cut out just enough from sturdy white card. Before writing my message, I inked up the coastline in blue and faintly inked the land in green.

I can, in the future do tiny versions or go up to 12” wide versions for any home made crafts. It has taken me three years of playing with this machine to do what I should have thought of on day one!

Sea glass art

I have a stash of sea glass collected from the beach during my morning dog walks. I was inspired to use up some of the smallest fragments by artwork that I saw in a Cornish souvenir shop. Clean and simple appeals and I knew I could do this but without the title that they artfully scribed on theirs. Mine will have the beach name written on the reverse instead.

I cut a stencil from card and spread some Distress Collage Medium matte glue through the stencil directly on the canvas/textured paper before positioning the glass pieces like a jigsaw. Once dried I pulled off the stencil and the job is done.

I prefer the fish in the smaller photo frame and still have lots of glass to use up once I decide on other shapes. Do they have to be beach related?

Sea glass for Christmas


Wet Sunday means finish a craft project before you start a new one…

six large green pieces of glass found on the beach  just by the house were painted with a coat of Dulux ‘made by me’ paint then roughly wire wrapped and strung on gold thread.

I even covered a nice tin with some Victorian Christmas paper to put them in. And there is one spare for us too.