Sea glass art

I have a stash of sea glass collected from the beach during my morning dog walks. I was inspired to use up some of the smallest fragments by artwork that I saw in a Cornish souvenir shop. Clean and simple appeals and I knew I could do this but without the title that they artfully scribed on theirs. Mine will have the beach name written on the reverse instead.

I cut a stencil from card and spread some Distress Collage Medium matte glue through the stencil directly on the canvas/textured paper before positioning the glass pieces like a jigsaw. Once dried I pulled off the stencil and the job is done.

I prefer the fish in the smaller photo frame and still have lots of glass to use up once I decide on other shapes. Do they have to be beach related?

Sea glass for Christmas


Wet Sunday means finish a craft project before you start a new one…

six large green pieces of glass found on the beach  just by the house were painted with a coat of Dulux ‘made by me’ paint then roughly wire wrapped and strung on gold thread.

I even covered a nice tin with some Victorian Christmas paper to put them in. And there is one spare for us too.