Decoupage Discovered

A charity shop chest of drawers repainted with spare paint and then covered with ’tiles’ cut from old freebie local maps made a cheerful storage solution in the craft room. Paper squares simply mod podged on to the wood. Another time, or for a heavy use surface, I would finish with varnish but this seems to have worked.




Drink to me shelving


When a friend was clearing out his (very smart) wine cellar and disposing of crates we had a competition to see which of us could be the most creative.

We stained the boxes with Jacobean Oak (maybe a tone too dark as some of the various posh names are now a bit hard to see), lined the base with remnant wallpaper and offset them. The boxes are bolted to each other and to the wall, so we could safely store crockery in them.

Last little creative touches were to use the bottle separators as a header or footer strip and tuck some stick on battery powered lights in.

When we said how proud we were of our ‘free’ shelving our friend pointed out how much it had cost to acquire the wine filled crates in the first place.

We loved this so much we made a facing set – picture taken before we added the frame headers and footers …


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