Book cover

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take a quality corporate notebook and personalise it with a piece of beginner’s applique that I didn’t want to throw away…

cut applique and lining fabric one inch bigger on each side of the fully opened book. Cut two panels of pocket fabric the same height as the other pieces and double the width of the pocket you want. Fold each pocket piece and sandwich between lining face up and cover face down with raw edges to side so they will get caught in the seam.

hem all the way round leaving a gap for turning, a walking foot is useful here. Turn out and flip pockets to inside. Iron well. Fit book inside to see how much wriggle room you have. Tighten up the wriggle room with a decorative top stitch around the edge. I just did top and bottom, this also closes the turning gap..

so much fun I did another one with crazy quilting but this time made it wider than the book and just 1 inch taller, hemmed the edges all sides then folded back the two sides to make the pockets before blanket stitching them in place and turning right sides out. Ironed an applique on to use it up



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