Decoupage canister


A canister too nice to throw away but bearing branded copy needed playtime.

Ordinary craft paper (Docrafts floral collection) was stuck with mod podge gloss decoupage stuff and then sealed with it too. To cover some untidy cutting on the lid, I stuck on the ott fringe.

Now just need to decide what to store in it.

serviette decoupage


IKEA mirror upcycle – I found some Cath Kidston paper serviettes on sale (45p the packet!). They are soooo pretty that I decided to use them for crafting. I peeled off the plain paper liner and pasted a thin layer of mod podge on the mirror. Rather than tearing the napkin into pieces, decided to keep the chequerboard structure in tact which entailed some fussy tearing around the mirror. Decided my fussy tearing wasn’t neat enough so some contrast washi tape provided a central contrast to finish things off.

The napkins wrinkled to provide a lovely texture to the finished mirror.