Bookmark bonanza

Bookmarks galore…

using up my pile of peel offs (well making a dent in it), I laminated some words and cut out tag shapes with the scan n cut, then embossed to give the laminate texture and hide the air bubbles.

I stamped on one with stazon ink but didn’t much like the effect. And then I tore some thin coloured paper in strips and collaged more peel offs on both sides of the paper before laminating.

and I got a chance to try my new crop-a-dile to set some of my eyelets stash too – what a canny crafter I am today!

I also made a corner bookmark which is another great way to use up a patterned paper hoard. That is simply a 13cm square scored diagonally, corner to corner, to make four triangles. One of the triangles is then cut out and the the resulting three triangles folded and glued to make the corner. I matted up extra layers to add stability and sandwiched in some ribbon.

and to those who think bookmarks are a thing of the past, I refer you to Stephen Fry’s quote that bookmarks are as much threatened by the Kindle as stairs are by escalators.

Christmas paper napkins, cheap to chic

Why didn’t I know about this when I first got my embossing stuff, instant success using stuff I already have!

deviating from a Halloween project (where I discovered that only white embossed well on black paper) here is the first of my Christmas creations

image image image ,

How to: Line up three napkins at a time on a firm surface, apply versamark watermark glue (comes in a stamp pad or pen) to your chosen stamp then stamp on the napkins. Sprinkle with embossing powder, then return the excess powder to the pot before using a heat gun to ‘turn’ the powder to its embossed effect. That’s it. You’re done.

Now to order some large alphabet stamps so I can do name and initial versions as name plates. Will also do some research on folding paper napkins to show off corner embossing to best effect.