Washi Wednesday part 2…


A cheapo frame covered in washi tape is upgraded enough to display an old photo which came to light in a rummage through the albums.

Patterned washi is forgiving enough to allow for overlaps, so all the visible frame is covered and little creases can be smoothed out too. Long term I will coat this with mod podge to stop any lifting.

This green bird patterned washi came in a set from paperchase, lovely stuff. The mount is made from paper brought back from South Africa as a gift, I am told it was made principally of elephant dung!

Stud earring display frame

imageA companion for the framed burlap holder I use for hoop earrings. This works for studs or earrings with butterfly backs. If only rarely to be used (how many earrings do I own?!)  could be wall hung but for ease of access to the back this sits on an easel. I used strips of docrafts craft paper sealed with modpodge to pretty up my old frame.


method: remove glass and backing from frame. If necessary decorate the front of the frame with papers or ribbons or paint or … Cut a piece of aida cross stitch canvas a bit bigger than the aperture of your frame .  Stick to the back of the frame pulling the fabric taut as you go.  If gifting cover the back of the frame to cover your work. Job done,