Ribbon scrap tidy and dispenser

a simple way to organize the sack of ribbon scraps…

materials: 1 A4 sheet cardstock (I used craft card), scissors, strong tape or glue, hole punch Washi tape to close and decorate


score and fold card into toblerone shape – I scored at 6.5, 13 and 19cm then turned the card and scored at 4 cm from either side

i then cut up the 4cm score lines, trimmed and wedged the flaps created to make triangles as shown

I then hole punched 14 holes (enough to squeeze in different scraps of ribbons, if it will wrap round an A6 card, I keep it). I only have an office ring binder punch so was limited to punch near a score line but the holes can be wherever you want). Then form the toblerone shape and stick the overlapping triangles together. I used red liner tape.

Poke ends of ribbon through the holes from inside to out, a crochet hook works well, and when your holder is full secure it closed with washi tape so you can top it up some time in the future without destroying the box

just a few more to make before I get the ribbon stash under control!

if decorated this would make a nice little gift for a crafty friend…

Decoration fail!

imageribbon strips sewed on to felt cut in the shape of bells …

I sandwiched a loop of elastic between two pieces of felt (scan n cut not happy about cutting felt in a freezer paper sandwich)

i glued one pair of bells together then hot glued lengths of ribbon across the front and back of the shape, to cover the edge some ric rac was glued around the side

Not happy with that I tried sewing rather than gluing, still not looking good enough for use, oh well, an experiment!

Ribbon trimmed towel

imageBack from holiday and itching to craft, but first I had to tidy the ribbon drawer. Thought these contrasting lengths would decorate a plain bath sheet – and reduce the stash a little.

I used a walking foot and a zig zag at 2.5 width along each edge of each ribbon and the job is done.