thanks to a great you tube tutorial from fabric junction, I have mitred corners on these place mats

imageBy pinning the centres of two proportionate rectangles and carefully marked boxes in the corners of my top fabric, it worked!

now, shall I make some napkins with the  remnant?

don’t  tell my mum, this is the home made part of her present


Christmas paper napkins, cheap to chic

Why didn’t I know about this when I first got my embossing stuff, instant success using stuff I already have!

deviating from a Halloween project (where I discovered that only white embossed well on black paper) here is the first of my Christmas creations

image image image ,

How to: Line up three napkins at a time on a firm surface, apply versamark watermark glue (comes in a stamp pad or pen) to your chosen stamp then stamp on the napkins. Sprinkle with embossing powder, then return the excess powder to the pot before using a heat gun to ‘turn’ the powder to its embossed effect. That’s it. You’re done.

Now to order some large alphabet stamps so I can do name and initial versions as name plates. Will also do some research on folding paper napkins to show off corner embossing to best effect.