Washi Wednesday … part 3



We had a diy beauty products day and filled lots of pots and jars with creations, then decided to prettify the containers – with washi tape, of course.

My favourite is the hobbycraft bunting tape, the white background is translucent and ‘disappeared’ on the plastic pots.

We sealed the surfaces with mod podge to try and keep the washi in place until the next refill.

Washi Wednesday part 2…


A cheapo frame covered in washi tape is upgraded enough to display an old photo which came to light in a rummage through the albums.

Patterned washi is forgiving enough to allow for overlaps, so all the visible frame is covered and little creases can be smoothed out too. Long term I will coat this with mod podge to stop any lifting.

This green bird patterned washi came in a set from paperchase, lovely stuff. The mount is made from paper brought back from South Africa as a gift, I am told it was made principally of elephant dung!

Washi tape




Who doesn’t love washi tape? The challenge is to use it, particularly as I am now two thirds of the way through this year’s resolution to “use what you have”. So today is declared washi  Wednesday and I have been taping all sorts of objects in an attempt to use some of 50 (! How did that happen?) rolls of tape hanging in th craft room.

I have made fridge magnets from wooden pegs and magnetic sheets, and decorated more pegs that I use for clamping in the craft room. I covered corporate pencils and plastic coat hangers and also made the binder clips that I use for sewing very pretty.

(tip for covering pencils with minimal creases, run a strip of washi around the top and bottom of the pencil before spiralling around with the full length of washi )

I copied the bunting string from various pinterest posts and will use it to prettify a parcel

I have beautified spray bottles and tea lights but still haven’t made a dent in the stash, so  covering  journals and making cards is on the list for the next washi Wednesday.

Not being ambitious enough to do wall decor with washi, I would welcome suggestions for practical uses for the washi mountain. Polite suggestions only please,