Cushion Sunday …

photo 3I’ve finally finished two cushion projects that were messing up the craft room … the little tweed corner cushions were designed to mirror the tweedy cushon that came with the new chair.

The tweed came in squares from  Amazon at £12  with enough to make four of these and the backing – a rich brown needle cord  came from Craftwise fabrics at £7 a metre. photo

I just cut the supplied tweed squares down into strips and assembled them in a quilt as you go sort of style.

I don’t do Zips –  unless I have no choice  – so the backing is two pieces of corduroy which overlap and provide a simple pocket through which to stuff.


Inspired by finishing one job, I also finished photo 4four upcycled cushions. The leather/suede/zip plain cover was from SAILS and at only £2.50 each I couldn’t have made them as well or as cheaply.

I started by tracing cartoon silhouettes of four animals onto freezer paper which I then ironed onto the back of some curtain fabric  before cutting out the shapes and free motion stiched them on the 2 The fourth one, the sheep version, is being tried out in various locations around the house as the sitting room is now well and truly cushioned.

Am now slightly overrun with cushions so what will I do with the gingham ones I made last month?



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