Noughts and Crosses

imageSuch fun constructing this. I hope the recipients have as much fun playing with it.

how to: draw four evenly spaced lines with an erasable pen to form the nine squares then zig zag stitch over the lines in contrast thread. My grid boxes are about 2 inches square. Piece  a frame in contrast fabric around the grid by sewing two matching sides then a top and finish with a deep bottom to the frame. I made a simple pocket in a third fabric by hemming the open top then pinning in place. Cut a back and piece of wadding. Lay a ribbon (little loop side out -and strings pinned away from the edge) on top of the finished front, then the back face down on top then the wadding and stitch around taking care to catch the pocket, leave enough of a gap to turn. Once turned top stitch all the way round the edge , which also seals the turning gap. Counters are cut from squares of felt, five of each and can stored in the pocket.

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