Luggage tags

For the travellers on my Christmas list…



Materials: Two scraps of fabric 13×9 cm plus a length of 3cm wide matching fabric about 30 cm long. A piece of batting or wadding 12 x 8 ish, a piece of vinyl 6×8.5 and some elastic 25 cm.

Method:sew a 1/4 inch seam around the fabric squares which should be right sides facing, leaving a gap for turning. Stick the batting to one side the batting with a little fabric glue then turn. Push out the corners then top stitch all the way around the edge of the tag.  Sew a buttonhole at the top of the tag, make it wide enough to thread the elastic through.

cut the strip of fabric to the length of the four vinyl sides. Put a strip face side down, edge flush to the fabric and sew a line , better to peg than pin vinyl.imageimage Flip the top border over and top stitch it , this will be the open edge.  Fold the other border pieces over and clip in place on the base, a bit fiddly, before stitch I got the other three sides in position .

imageThis looks like I have a ladybird theme going on!

If you zig zag you will be sure to catch the hidden edge of the border and the vinyl. Nb people warned me sewing vinyl would be tough but my little Toyota was fine with it.

thread elastic through the buttonhole and zig zag back and forth over the overlapped edges.  All to do now is pop a piece of card with maybe jokey name and address for the recipient.  I tried to size mine to take a business card though.


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