Teapot stand and mug coasters



A simple sew project which I would make again, but with bigger coasters, with coordinating fabrics and in a set of two big mats and six coasters for dinner table rather than tea time use. Lots of web tutorials with variations to inspire you.

Materials:for each square you need five squares of fabric and one of fusible fleece. My teapot stand squares are 8 inches and coasters are four inches, should be five though.

Method: fuse fleece to whar will be your base square and then lay it right side up on your work table. Press remaining squares diagonally then lay then raw sides out to raw side of the base in sequence. The last one needs to be half tucked under the first one then all pieces pinned before you sew with a slim straight seam all the way round the edge. Clip the corners. Turn and poke out your corners so that the base is now showing and press to keep the centre tidy.  I added a decorative top stitch but this isn’t necessary.



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