Scissor and craft tool holder

imagehmm, mistake with the gingham fabric, too open weave so lots of hand and over sewing. Still a rustic storage solution for bits I want to keep near the sewing machine.


Method:  use a paper template of a heart to cut two of the heavy weight fabric (denim or upholstery would do) backing pieces and a piece of wadding. Then cut inside the template for a slightly smaller panel piece (mine is the beige). Then fold the template in increasingly smaller sections to gauge the pocket pieces but cut with a one inch high extra on top which you fold over and top stitch to create a neat pocket top.


I did three pocket pieces and when top stitched clipped them on the panel piece and clipped that on one piece of backing. I stitched ric rac to cover the raw edges (at which point the gingham started to unravel like burlap).  Then a line of straight stitches down the middle to create the half pockets.

Finally pin a loop of ribbon (I used the remains of my ric rac) facing loop down and raw edge protruding up a bit. then pin the other backing piece right side together and sew around leaving a gap for turning. Before you turn stick wadding to backing piece. When turned hand sew gap and voila!

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