Wet stuff pouch

image image

A super cheap IKEA shower curtain is the lining for a simple zippered pouch which will carry wet swim wear or soggy stuff in style this summer

method: cut two identical panels of outer fabric (I used six charm pack squares quilted on to wadding), two of liner (shower curtain) and optional interfacing if you want stability.

sandwich interfacing first then outer then zip then lining to one side of zip – all raw edges aligned then do other side of zip. Optional top stitch afterwards

lay linings to the right and outer space to the left with good sides facing then stitch around leaving a gap for turning on the long lining side

turn then top stitch the gap closed.


to be honest the shower curtain is going to rip under pressure and was tough to sew at zip level so the next one is going to be an envelope style pouch with Velcro fixing instead

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