Bookmark bonanza

imageMethod one:  I cut  a length of tape slightly longer than a hardback book, fixed on a ribbon clamp at either end with jewellry pliers and decorated one end with  home made tassels made from embroidery thread.

I dug out some charms from the jewellry ‘bits box’  which I attached to the other clamps with jump rings. Made 3!

method 2: A simple ribbon book mark will be less robust but just as easy using clamps and tassels at both ends.

Method 3: two matching pieces of fabric were ironed to heat and bond then to the middle of the hessian piece. I sewed a decorative stitch around the fabric to halt the hessian fraying too much, then frayed the bottom up to the stitching to make a fringe.  A ribbon clamp and cord tassel at the top finished this. However the back isn’t so pretty so this isn’t a success.

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