Scrabble tiles



The tidy up continues… this time the remains of a bag of scrabble tiles has been gone through and a few used.

First I hot glued tiles on to clothes pegs. Easy. Then I stuck strips of magnetic sheet on the back of the pegs so they could be fridge magnets. Even better.

Key rings were salvaged from Christmas crackers pile. I removed the butterfly, plastic ornament with jewellry pliers keeping the chain in tact and threaded stretch elastic from the jewellry making box through the last link in the chain then sandwiched the elastic between pairs of scrabble tiles which were stuck together with jewellry cement to make initial key rings.

While looking for the jewellry cement I found some cuff link bases in the jewellry making box. As the mount of the cuff link  fitted perfectly inside the scrabble tile it stuck well with jewellry cement and looks really good.

now for ideas to use the remaining tiles… I have the tiles -t-o-p-d-o-g- to hand so suggestions welcome.

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