Toothbrush travel cover


Just back from a trip where my toiletries bag wasn’t quite perfect, so this cover for my toothbrush is ready for next time. It keeps the toothbrush head clean away from other items but doesn’t take up room in your bag.

I cut a strip from a bargain IKEA shower curtain, my strip was 55 cm by 10cm – this is big enough for brush and toothpaste so you could go narrower and shorter if you take a manual brush.

The short ends were each folded under by about 1 cm twice to enclose the raw edges. I then folded the short ends together and sewed a 1cm seam along each open side to make a tube

(Tip: clip rather than pin shower curtain to avoid visible pierce holes and use a long straight stitch and a walking foot to minimise slippage on slippery fabric).

Finally. turn the tube inside out to hide the seam. I used snaps to close mine but you could fasten with a hair clip or paper clip.

nb Although it looks like I boxed the corners, I didn’t. I just didn’t poke the corners out fully as the sewing isn’t super hardy on this fabric.


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