Infinity scarf (twisted)

A long standing ‘to-do’ is finally done.  It was so quick and easy I am inspired to make more.

This is another simple sew where you cut a long rectangle of  fabric – here I used some Ikea fleece which I love as it is so forgiving.

I cut nearly 60 inches long (could have done with being 70 inches for less stretchy fabric) and 20 inches wide. I folded it in half (right sides in if the fabric isn’t double sided and then sewed a half inch seam down the long side leaving about four inches and top and bottom open.

I turned it right side out and twisted the tube once before matching up the short ends and sewing the ends together with a similar half inch seam. It works because you’ve left the four inch gaps, but if you get confused there are multiple ‘you tube’ tutorials to demonstrate how easy it is.

Pull the fabric straight and then machine or hand stitch the four inch gaps together (on fleece the stitches disappear) to finish the project off.

Tip: Apparently very long scarves which can be wound round multiple times are popular with younger wearers…




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