Mini door wreaths

These 5” wreaths were made with scan n cut template cut from card and covered with Christmas holly, frond and leaf die cuts then finished with stickles.

Two wreaths sandwiched a piece of wool for hanging to make a little indoor welcome.

Use what you have wreath

A huge donation of crafty stuff set me up for months of playtime so I decided to use some of the flowers in a decor wreath

I cut a disc of cardboard from the recycling bin and wrapped it with wool before hot gluing flowers around. To keep balance I visualised the wreath as a clock face positioning flowers roughly at the hours but clustering them in odd numbers.

I kept going until the wreath felt full then gifted it to the lady who gave me the wool stash in the first place. Happy 90th!

Lavender wreath


This year’s lavender harvest has arrived and I have been challenged to do more than the usual lavender bags, so a wreath starts us off…

The base was cut from cardboard packaging and wrapped with donated wool before five handfuls of lavender were placed around the wreath, their stems cropped, lightly hot glued in place and then ‘bound’ with curling ribbon – which also makes a hanger for this lovely room scenter.

Spring flower wreath


I love how this was made from bits and pieces…

The cardboard box was cut into a ring doughnut shape using a craft knife around a dinner and side plate as templates. Honestly, the finished piece looks as good as a bought polystyrene ring would.

The ring was then wrapped with strips of burlap to give a bit of dimension and cover the card. Any plain fabric, canvas or even paper would do. I then wrapped lace effect cord on top of the burlap at about 10 centimeter spacing with about 20 cm spare at the end, which I pinned through the burlap to create a hanger.

You could use a longer loop for hanging if you wanted your cord to show and garden string looks good on burlap if you don’t have a long enough piece of cord. If you tie shorter pieces of string together, glue your decorations over the knots.

Pre cut, die cut flowers from a craftwork cards beau paper kit were stuck on with hot glue and supplemented with flowers cut on the scan n cut from the same paper pack.  I found putting the flowers on the inner and outer of the ring face added more dimension.

l added  ‘candi’ to the flower centre as a bit of detail,  but the waste from the office hole punch would work, as would beads or buttons if you like more frill effects.

When you feel it looks full enough, hang it up to check from every angle and fill in the gaps, as fuller is better to plump up the paper.

The beauty if this is that the theme and colours could change according to the paper you have –  from a glittery festive to a ‘natural’ palette.


Christmas pennant wreath


A hoop ( I used the inner of a 9 inch plastic embroidery hoop), six and a half sheets of paper from the Papermania ‘At Christmas’ pack, a trimmer and scissors, paper glue and hot glue, 24 inches of cord to hang the finished article, some embellishments and it is done. Takes an hour of so with trimming and snipping.

Trim the paper into 1.5 inch strips the length of the page so you end up with 30 strips. fold each strip in half around the frame with the ends matching and glue firmly all the way from end to the hoop. when dry cut fish tails in each strip.

Tie the cord in a loop and hot glue it to form a hanger and line for a central message,

Cut strips of paper (1 inch x 4 inches) and fold and stick the same way to make mini pennants to bear a message or pictures in the centre. I stuck on letters to make ‘merry’.

Embellish with ornaments of your choice,

So easy but I made a  video tutorial …