Christmas pennant wreath


A hoop ( I used the inner of a 9 inch plastic embroidery hoop), six and a half sheets of paper from the Papermania ‘At Christmas’ pack, a trimmer and scissors, paper glue and hot glue, 24 inches of cord to hang the finished article, some embellishments and it is done. Takes an hour of so with trimming and snipping.

Trim the paper into 1.5 inch strips the length of the page so you end up with 30 strips. fold each strip in half around the frame with the ends matching and glue firmly all the way from end to the hoop. when dry cut fish tails in each strip.

Tie the cord in a loop and hot glue it to form a hanger and line for a central message,

Cut strips of paper (1 inch x 4 inches) and fold and stick the same way to make mini pennants to bear a message or pictures in the centre. I stuck on letters to make ‘merry’.

Embellish with ornaments of your choice,

So easy but I made a  video tutorial …

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