Wine glass lampshade

imagea little bit of geometry from wiki how and some pretty paper, add a charity shop glass with a battery tea light and another creation is finished!

Paper choice dictates the look – which here is a bit twee, but I can foresee a production line being created with i.e. music paper for different decor styles as gifts


First the cutting: on the reverse of an A4 sheet of patterned paper mark 2/3rds along the bottom long side(x). Draw a dotted line 110 degrees up. Set circle cutter (or compass) to double the diameter of your glass- mine typically 7cm – so circle cutter set to 14cm. With x as the centre of the circle, make the first arc from dotted line to base of paper. Next set the circle cutter or compass to the height of shade you want – mine 32 cm – and cut the second arc from dotted line to base again. Cut out your shape as shown above.

Stick the cone into shade shape with double sided tape then embellish or not as you choose


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