(Don’t) Shut that door

imageA pile of fabric bits, a Christmas list to make for and a ramble on YouTube produces more doorstop ideas, but the styling is due mainly to Debbie Shore’s post.

I have decided to stuff mine with whatever is to hand rather than buy specifically so for these I used gravel from the garden or salt put in ziplock plastic bags.  These  give a nice crackly noise to the project.

I have a feeling that these house doorstops are going to evolve as they are quick and fun.

How to: two squares of fabric the same size – mine 8 inches, two pieces for the roof which are the same width but not so tall. On the roof pieces draw a line 1 inch in from either end of the top out and down to the edge to make the roof angle.

sew on door, window and flower shapes to the front panel, centre them more than seems logical. If you want a chimney, take 2 small rectangles sew three sides and turn then pin facing downwards on a roof line

Sew each roof to its panel then right sides together sew all around the edges leaving a gap for turning. Box the corners before you do turn. *Stuff with old pillows and weighted bag. Hand stitch the stuffing hole closed.

to embellish further you can hot glue ribbon or ric rac on the gutter line between house and roof and add yo-yo or Suffolk puff flowers at the stage.

*boxing-  used in bag making mainly – means pin  the bottom and side seams facing to form a pointed corner at each end. Mark , pin and sew equal sized lines to form a triangle which you then snip off. OK I will do a proper explanation soon.

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