DIY beauty products

A new direction for the crafting adventure after an afternoon mixing up moisturisers, balms, sprays , scrubs and rice pads.

Anya’s mixing of essential oils makes using them extra special…

pillow spray: just 2 parts distilled water to 1 part vodka and 1 part glycerin plus relaxing essential oils in a misting bottle

Lip balm: unused old chap sticks with melted beeswax, coconut oil and essential oils in mini pots

sugar scrub:  equal parts coconut oil and brown sugar with essential oils in big pots

Moisturiser: to aqueous cream add a squueze of aloe Vera gel and a little softened coconut oil with essential oils to suit

headache soother pad: 2 cups rice with 5 drops peppermint e.oil and 5 drops lavender in a cotton pouch

period pain soother pad: 4 cups rice with cypress, ylang ylang, lavender and Melissa ess. oils

uplifting body spray probably the most successful: 2 parts distilled water, 1 part glycerin, 1 part vodka then 1 drop mandarin essential oil, 4 drops sandalwood, 4 drops benzoin, 2 drops grapefruit

P.S. found this post in my drafts although we made all this a couple of months ago!


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