Essential oil scenters


I ordered a bag of wool felted balls to try and expand my use of essential oils.

To make a car scenter that will clip on an air vent-  hot glue four 1cm balls on either side of a wooden clothes peg. Positioning as I did, leaving tip and base of the peg free, is the most practical.

Drip on essential oil or perfume and clip in place. Top up when you think the scent has dissipated.

To make a bracelet style scenter that will hook around the rear view mirror or clothes hangers in a wardrobe –

Take about 60cm or 24 inches of strong cotton and fold it in half. Double knot about 3cm or an inch in from the folded end to make a loop as shown on the left of the pictures above.

Thread both strands of cotton through your needle and then thread through the balls. I used 10 per bracelet. Finish by threading on a button and secure it well before cutting off  any spare tails of thread.

When ready to use drop on chosen essential oil and hook button through the loop.

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