‘Use what you have’ lavender bags

D30CB97B-0C48-4ACC-A8C4-13785FDAB47B.jpegI am determined to use up some of the fabric heap. So lavender bags makes a little (very little) dent …

heart templates hand drawn as half heart on paper before pinning to plain (smaller heart) and patterned  fabric. I cut the smaller heart out with pinking shears and then sketched a design on with a gold sharpie before sewing it on a bigger heart

simple machine sewing of two large hearts right sides together before turning right side out, stuffing with dried lavender then hand stitching an odd button and some offcuts of ribbon on for hanging

CD335CAC-5996-46FB-BB1F-0CE9FB6E37D3.jpegwhen the lavender is finished I plan to make some in Christmas colours scented with cinnamon and cloves, well one day


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