Luggage tags

imageEasy peezy lemon squeezy tags that take minutes to make if you keep it simple…

1. fuse a piece of firm interfacing ( I used Pellon fuse-n-shape) between two scraps of material that are just bigger than the interfacing.

My interfacing was 3.5 inches by 4 – a scrap that I wanted to experiment on, my next versions will be a bit bigger if I decide to cut into my carefully hoarded interfacing.

2. Trim the fabric sandwich to a tag shape, rotary cutter works well but my favourite was  using pinking shears

3. Punch a hole and set an eyelet, I used my cropodile and was grateful to make a tiny dent in the eyelet stash (how did that get so big?)

4. Cut a piece of plastic packaging – the firmer the better- to a rectangle bigger than your tag and fold over a small ‘hem’. With a long straight stitch sew the hem down 44B7F43C-280A-4762-ACB5-76146994A8D9.jpeg

5. Position the plastic over the tag with the hem across the ‘shoulders’ of the tag and then sew the other three sides to the tag

6. Trim the plastic, I angled my scissors so I could trim it just smaller than the fabric

7. Insert card or paper with your details on

What a great little project. Inspired by Riley Blake designs.

If you embroidered or monogrammed or vinyled a design onto the fabric first,  these would make fab personalised tags



2 thoughts on “Luggage tags

  1. I’ve been wanting to make luggage tags for ages but have been putting it off – you’ve made it look so easy thank you!! What is the clear plastic called in the shops? I could only think of using those plastic wallets you use in ring binders but they’re so flimsy


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