A chic’n cheap dog bed

As doggy outgrew his favourite bed and declined to use the giant pillow we bought him,  I decided to make a new one out of what we had around. A faded Indian cotton throw, a large IKEA pillow pad and  old duvet (world is mad when it is cheaper to buy a new one than get it drycleaned) filling.

Method:make a ‘pillow case’ for the base pillow. make four smaller pillow cases, one  for each side of the base leaving half of a narrow end open for stuffing. sew one  long seam of each of the four smaller pillows to the base  case. stuff as firmly as you can and insert the base pillow in. hand sew  the opening of the pillows closed and then hand sew the short ends of the smaller pillows together . This  pulls the four sides up and together around the base.

Success – he loves it! So much that another one made with the same set of materials.



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